Youth Camp (8-14 years)

Marta11 Soccer Youth camps are geared for players 8-14 years old. Whether new to the game, been playing a few years; Marta11 Soccer see these early years as an opportunity for young players to develop strong technical foundation, which will carry over onto a players ability to play with creativity, control and confidence. Sign up and experience the beautiful game, the Marta11 Soccer way!!!


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  1. Good evening, I hope you are yours are well. Aviana and Milana want to particpate in the follwing camps: July 6th - 10th and August 3rd - 7th. I am crossing my fingers they happen. Best, Jason 650.922.2650
    • Ric Marta
      Hi Jason, Thanks for reaching out. I'm hoping we are able to get these camps going. Even if it's in a small group format. Once I hear something, from the rec department about fields opening, I'll update everyone. Can you fill out the registration for on the website, It's under contact, you'll see "registration form." Fill out one form and just make a note at the bottom that you'll be signing up, also for the August 3-7th. Stay safe!! Thanks, Coach Ric

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