About Marta11 Coaches and Trainers

MARTA11 coaches and trainers are deeply passionate about the game of soccer, their love for the game and the education of the sport is transmitted through the energy put forth with each session and with each individual, in a session.  We have a commitment to staying true to soccer, though each player will have their own personal goals and expectations, the essence of the game will be in the forefront to develop young soccer players.

MARTA11 Coaches offer more than just training.  We are teachers and motivators who see development as a long term approach, with short term milestones.

About MARTA11 Soccer Head Coach and Founder - Ric Marta

Ric has 18+ years training and developing young players (boys and girls) between the ages of 8 to 18 years old, at the High School and Club level. Ric holds an NSCAA National Diploma, Director of Coaching (DOC) Diploma and is Positive Coaching Alliance certified.

Along with his soccer credentials, Ric has a master’s degree in Social Work, and is very experienced working with youth from ages 5-18 years, as well as other populations.

His passion for the game has kept him grounded over the years, and has helped him to understand and focus on the importance of teaching youth players to develop the skills that he believes will be essential in developing strong, confident and creative players.

Ric believes that a player with a deeply rooted technical base, will have the confidence to adapt and play in any type of environment or system. The physical and psychological components for a soccer player are just as important. At MARTA11 Soccer,Ric ties them into the technical focus, which from experience, has allowed him to develop players that possess the technical confidence, what Ric calls Soccer IQ and mental fortitude to compete with confidence and intensity.

Ric has set a high standard for developing a players’ technique and developing the complete soccer player. He does it in a way where the players feel supported, are able to communicate freely, and are shown patience through this process and seeing the bigger picture when it comes to development. His aim is to help each player gain confidence and enjoyment for this beautiful game, but also enjoyment in how players will execute what they are learning.

This standard has allowed him to help develop players who have participated in programs such as National Training Center, ID2 Camps, Olympic Development Program and Player Development Program. Along with participation in these programs, he has helped develop players who have also committed to play soccer at various universities, such as Long Beach State, University of Washington, Stanford, Yale, UC Santa Barbara, University of Arizona, Pepperdine University and UC San Diego.

Soccer has been a major part of his life since the age of 5. The love and passion for the game has grown even greater. Ric is proud to have and continue to transmit this love and passion to his own children, as well as all the kids who that he has trained over the years.

The creation of MARTA11 Soccer comes from the desire to create a program that believes in the importance of skill development, as well as the understanding that with a consistent focused curriculum, players can achieve the ball mastery that we see from so many of soccer’s past and current professional players.

Ric believes that a program like MARTA11 Soccer can generate skilled players that will have the technical foundation to compete at the all levels. Ric believes that MARTA11 Soccer understands and has the ability to execute this training philosopy, and develop players that are unique in their abilities.

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