"I can tell you with all honesty that Coach Ricardo is the BEST coach my son has had; he is very serious about the soccer but also very nice. The technical training from coach is second to none. Ricardo’ techniques focus on the fundamental skills kids need to learn and effectively uses repetition to achieve this, under Ricardo’s tutelage, my son continues to develop as a soccer player both technically and mentally. Also worth noting, He educates parents as well, recapping every training session with the details what was accomplished and for what purpose which makes it so much easier for parents who are interested to be in a position to help their children to excel. We admired your coaching/training style and my son talked about the hard work and discipline you taught him during the session and he enjoyed every opportunity he had to learn from you.I would highly recommend Coach Ricardo to anyone seeking the best soccer training opportunities and looking to gain confidence with the ball and raise the level of play for your children."





"Coach Ricardo is an extremely knowledgeable coach!  He stresses the importance of player development, work hard and have fun at the same time.   Our daughter started playing soccer at the age of 9, a bit later than most club soccer players.  She loves the game, picked up the game tactics quickly but lacked the ball control skills.  Her soccer team coach recommended Coach Ricardo for 1-1 technical coaching.  She started out twice a week for a few months then maintained at once a week for the last year and still continues.  After working with Coach Ricardo for only a couple sessions, we noticed an improvement in her soccer games.  Coach Ricardo has the most positive, reinforcing and motivating teaching skills.  After" each training session with him, our daughter always walked off the field sweaty, exhausted but having the biggest smile on her face.  Coach Ricardo is just an amazing coach all around!"


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Coach Ric has worked with our son for the past year. We've seen great improvement over that time, not only in his skills but also in his confidence. Ric knows when to push and when to pat a kid on the back. Our son has really made a breakthrough in his time with Ric, trying out for - and making - competitive teams where he is playing regularly.

Terri Rooney,

“My daughter was coached together with a core set of girls at the Gryphons Soccer Club, by Coach Ricardo Marta for almost 6 years (from age 8 to age 14). This set of girls, including my daughter, were coached by Coach Ricardo just 6 months after entering this competitive club playing in the NorCal league, after having played AYSO. Coach Ricardo transformed these enthusiastic little girls who barely understood the sport and evolved them into a Premiere League team in NorCal over these six years. And, he did this by developing the girls into a potent force that earned a name for itself by its patented style of modern soccer – a style that can best be described as a unique fusion of Tikki-Taka and creative Juego Bonito, based on Coach Ricardo’s deep philosophical beliefs in creative individual play blended with incisive team dynamics.“


Pankaj Srivastava, Belmont, CA,