Training Vision

Marta11 Training Vision

A training program that focuses on providing players ages 8-14 and 15-18, a unique and deeply technical training curriculum that is geared to developing the complete Soccer Player.  At MARTA11 training, players will experience a full range of tailored programs, where they can develop the comfort, creativity and confidence, with the ball that is essential for a successful and passionate player.

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Skills development

MARTA11 trainers believe in the “BALL” being everything to a player.  We want to encourage the players we train to value the ball and enjoy the ability to express themselves creatively.  We believe that having a deeply strong technical base is the foundation for a player’s ability to play with confidence, joy and creativity.  We also believe that a player that masters the ball is easily and readily able to play the collective game and still be able to individually express themselves in any type of playing environment.

Our goal is to ignite a passion and joy for the game of futbol, in a training environment that is enjoyable, supportive, patient, yet with a high standard to technical development.

Marta11 Programs

MARTA11 offers a series of different programs from Camps, Individual and Small Group trainings, to Speed and Agility (with and without ball).  So if you are a competitive player, are new to the game of soccer (but want to learn to play), or are looking to fine tune your skills, come sign up for some trainings or Camps!!!

Advanced Skills Training & Play for High School Players(15-18)

An opportunity for high school aged (boys/girls) players, looking to fine tune their technical skills, speed and agility, and tactical awareness.  Players will also learn the art of possessing to control and create attacking opportunities, through a series of small sided games and pattern play.  These games will serve to stimulate the physical and psychological senses, while developing each player’s technical ability and soccer IQ.

CAMP FEE: $200 ($40 PER DAY)

All players will receive a Marta11 Soccer T-Shirt & an individual evaluation at the end of camp

Individual & Small Group Training

MARTA11-Individual and Small Group focuses on providing, 1 on 1 or small group (2-4 players) training, in the areas of Dribbling (with deception, manipulation of ball with various parts of the foot, beating an opponent or to create time and space), Passing/Receiving (movement with & without ball, creating triangles/diamonds, utilizing vision to locate options, aerial control), Shooting and Finishing, as well as Speed & Agility training.   MARTA11 trainer (s) will give each player or players, their undivided attention, energy and knowledge in skill development.  Prior to the start of first training session, a MARTA11 trainer will speak and asses the players technical needs and discuss a plan of action. Players will also receive an evaluation (at end of each specific set of sessions), that will provide valuable input for players to continue to focus on the areas of growth.


$85/hour (for one session)

Packages for Individual session (1 hour sessions):

  • 4 sessions: $300 (payment made by first session)
  • 6 sessions: $420 (payment made by first session)

Small Groups Sessions (2-4 players):

90 minute sessions (players U14 and up)
75 minute sessions (players U13 and under)

$55/per player (1 session)
4 session packet: $160/ per player (payment must be made in full by 1st session)

Marta 11 Soccer Camps

All players between the ages of 8-14 welcomed!!!  Whether new to the game, been playing a few years, but want to continue to learn and develop in a great camp environment that values skill development, ability to play creatively and with joy…….then MARTA11 is your Camp!!  At MARTA11 Camps, you will get a training curriculum that will not only improve your game, but also increase your confidence on how to execute your skills, as well as the comfort and understanding of playing within a larger group setting, in a fun and supportive environment.  MARTA11 offers half day and full day camps at various locations.  Check out the areas of focus for our weekly camps!!

Camp Fees:

$190 ($38 Per Day) - Each player will receive a Marta11 Soccer T-Shirt

Dribbling Technique:  What better way to individually express yourself!!!
  • Learn to utilize various technique and form of manipulation of the ball through Coerver exercises, that focuses on fast footworks, stimulation of foot to ball
  • Creativity with the ball, developing quick change of direction, feinting, learning some of the popular deceptive moves.
  • 1v1, players will learn and gain confidence in the ability to take a defender (s), by utilizing creative moves, changing speed and direction
Passing & Receiving:  Connecting with other creative players!!!
  • Players will learn to use the various parts of the foot and body to receive, control and pass the ball
  • Players will learn the factors that makes for a good accurate and easy to control pass
  • Players will learn and understand how to set a touch, pass away from defenders, which foot to pass to, 1 touch receiving and passing, ability to pass with both feet.
  • Players will learn to play with their head up; looking, recognizing and using movement to create space and time
Shooting & Finishing:  Develop the poise and confidence that world class strikers have!!
  • Players will learn the various technique to shooting; laces, bending the ball, chipping, long range shooting
  • Connecting with crosses, diagonal runs
  • Goal scoring games
Small Sided Games/Group Play:  Learn to play like Barcelona, Brazil, Netherlands!!!
  • Utilization of small sided games and exercises that will enhance, stimulate a players ability to read game situations at speed and with intelligent reaction.
  • Understanding of the creation of triangles, diamonds, by emphasizing movement off the ball, by playing with head up, using location of ball as point of reference
  • Players will utilize their technical understanding, creativity and abilities to create the various patterns of play