How much does it cost to train with Marta11 Soccer?


Marta11 Soccer offers a number of individual, small group training sessions. We also conduct training camps through out the year.

Our current fee structure is as follows:

Individual Sessions:

$75/per hour (for one session)

Packages for Individual session (1 hour sessions):

4 sessions: $65/per session ($260 for 4 sessions) - 8 sessions:  $60/per session ($480 for 8 sessions)

Small Groups Sessions (2-4 players):

*1.5 hour session (players U14 and up)      *1 hour 15 minute session (players U13 and under)

$60/per player (U14 and up) - $50/per player (U13 and under)

MARTA11 Soccer Camp Fees:

Half Day (3 hour session): (8-13 years old)

$175/per player ($35 per day) - Campers receive: MARTA11 T-shirt

Full Day (6 hours): (8-13 years old)

$240/per player ($48 per day)- Campers receive:  MARTA11 T-shirt

Size 1 ball

Advanced High School Training: (14-18 years old)

Half Day (4 hour session)

$290/per player ($58 per day)

Campers receive:  MARTA11 T-shirt


Form of Payment:

*Payment by check: please make payable to MARTA11 Soccer

*Payment by Cash: client will receive invoice with confirmation of payment

*Or through Square system

(payments can be made at first initial session or mailed)


How often should my child train and what days can they train with MARTA11 Soccer?


For individual/small group training sessions, training sessions are typically once a week. However, it is up to the client if they would like to do 2 or 3 sessions a week; also, depending on availability of MARTA11 Soccer trainer. The days are determined and agreed upon by the MARTA11 Soccer trainer and participant.


Where are your training locations?


Training sessions are conducted at various parks, fields, in San Mateo, depending on availability and current weather conditions. Some fields are not available on days when it rains and up to 24 hours afterwards.


Will MARTA11 Soccer trainer(s) travel to my location to provide training?


Yes. MARTA11 Soccer is available to travel if your are able to identify an appropriate training location. Please work directly with your trainer to find a mutually acceptable location.


What should my player wear and bring for training?


All players should have soccer attire. This means athletic shorts, a comfortable shirt, tee shirt or jersey that does not limit their motion, soccer shoes (no shinguard is required), a soccer ball, water, smile and energy!!!

Your trainer will be able to provide guidance on the best type of training ball to bring as well as provide soccer shoe recommendations if you have questions. Many players have a backpack designed for soccer gear, which includes room for shoes and a ball. In the spring and fall, please provide your player with a sweatshirt or jacket. Some players prefer to wear warm up pants as well.

Please remind your player to not wear any jewelry, especially earrings to their training sessions.


Is my 7 year old or younger, too young for individual training?


Though MARTA11 Soccer’s belief is the younger a soccer ball can be introduced to a child, the better. A player 8 years old or older, are usually already participating in a more competitive environment, and have been exposed to a more focused training curriculum and approach. Small class sizes and short term classes for players age 7 and younger would initially be more appropriate.


Is a 19 year old or older player too old for MARTA11 Soccer?


At MARTA11 Soccer, we believe you are never too old to want to improve. If there are specific areas you want to improve on, MARTA11 Soccer is prepared to train and support any player 19 and older to help them reach their potential best.