Small Group training

MARTA11-Individual and Small Group focuses on providing, 1 on 1 or small group (2-4 players) training, in the areas of Dribbling (with deception, manipulation of ball with various parts of the foot, beating an opponent or to create time and space), Passing/Receiving (movement with & without ball, creating triangles/diamonds, utilizing vision to locate options, aerial control), Shooting and Finishing, as well as Speed & Agility training.   MARTA11 trainer (s) will give each player or players, their undivided attention, energy and knowledge in skill development.  Prior to the start of first training session, a MARTA11 trainer will speak and asses the players technical needs and discuss a plan of action. Players will also receive an evaluation (at end of each specific set of sessions), that will provide valuable input for players to continue to focus on the areas of growth.

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